New Construction Windows

New Construction Windows

New Construction Windows Worker Installing New Windows In House

Make Your Home Beautiful With New Construction Windows

Akron Replacement Window’s windows are ideal or new construction projects. You will see the light in your home with these high-quality and attractive windows. Stylish and robust, these windows are designed to give your home comfort, reliability and a beautiful view.

Akron’s New Construction windows are available in almost all the sizes and styles. We strive to give you the design flexibility that you need in building the home of your dreams. Our new construction windows provide easy installation and replacement.

Best New Construction Windows Service

Akron Replacement Windows windows are designed to deliver the best thermal performance throughout the year. The windows fulfill all energy purposes and meet the guidelines for any region and areas. As a result, you will get high-quality and energy efficient windows with added benefits of cooling and heating costs.

Our new construction windows are backed with our commitment to complete customer satisfaction. New construction windows come with lifetime warranty that protects your investment with Akron Windows Replacement.

Our new construction windows are built for premium-performing. You don’t have to settle for windows that may need replacement in a few years. Skip the aggravation and g for low cost new construction windows.

Akron Replacement Windows windows come with easy installation in various construction applications. No matter what is the style of your home, new construction windows cover your personal taste and reflect your style.

Understanding the Options for Windows Replacement

New construction windows are generally used as a new addition in a home or for a brand new home. The home studs allow the windows to be installed directly on to the frame by a nail fin frame. This means that the windows are nailed into the framing of your home. Akron custom designs all windows of your home with the given specifications. This allows any architect or contractor to be creative in shape and sizing of the windows.

New construction windows are also used to remodel your home. This process requires exposed window studs by removing the exterior materials. It is possible to use new construction windows for remodel projects but it comprises of a more involved process to ensure a perfect match of exterior materials. These windows are good options if you think the frame and stud should be replaced.

Benefits of New Construction Windows from Akron Window Replacement

  • We provide 100 % vinyl frames and sashes that do not chip, crack, peel or warp. They are made solid with virgin vinyl powder. The luster in these windows last due to color and it also eliminates unnecessary repairs, painting and scrapping.
  • Our designs offer maximized ventilation and cleaning. New construction windows are available in double hung, awning, sliding and casement window styles.
  • New construction windows get rid of winter drafts; reduce dust, allergens and outdoor noises with the technology of compression seals.
  • 100% steel and vinyl frames are secured with locks, meeting rails and keepers to keep your home secure and protected.
  • A nailing fin of 1-3/4” on all the sides of the window frames.
  • Night latches on the windows allow easy ventilation without any worries. New construction windows help to keep pets and children inside the house.
  • Locks on the new construction windows consist of concealed locking systems rather than sitting above the meeting rail. It adds a touch of beauty and protects your home.
  • The stainless steel and constant force balance system on new construction windows consists of balanced dust covers. These covers add a touch of beauty to your windows’ mainframe.

Features in New Construction Windows

Privacy Glass –The glass on new construction windows is clouded and filtered. Thus, it only allows natural light to flow in through the glass and provides blurred imaging. This style is best for bathrooms and private areas.

Tinted Glass – Tinted glass style is available in numerous tints and shades. It makes a perfect selection for any room where you want minimize the light flow.

Easy to clean windows – All Akron Replacement Windows are crafted from premium quality double paned glass. The glass is easy to clean and streak-free.

Decorative Dividers – Most of the window features custom grids, light divider options and accents.

Tempered Glass – the glass is resistant to breakage. Thus, tempered glass is fractured into small areas as less harmful glass pieces.